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Student Leadership Goals 14 Character Traits

1: Attitude Development -> Effective Student Leaders display positive and enthusiastic attitudes at all times.
2: Communication Skills -> Effective Student Leaders must take the responsibility of a communicator seriously.
3: Positive Role Modeling -> Effective Student Leaders must set a proper example at all times.
4: Personal Responsibility -> Effective Student Leaders will take on whatever responsibility needed to accomplish “what needs to done when it needs to be done.”
5: Understanding Self--Motivation -> Effective Student Leaders take initiative.

 6: Sens itiv ity  in Work ing w i th Peers -> Effective Student leaders understand that they must “motivate and NOT dictate.”
7: Self-Accountability -> Effective Student Leaders understand that a primary quality to a successful leader is the ability for self-accountability.
8: Action Plans to Achieve Group Goals -> Effective Student Leaders are aware of the group goals and then take action plans to implement the necessary steps to ensure that the students in their section are properly prepared.
9: Understanding Leadership -> Effective Student Leaders will do what is right when no one is watching and stay true the organization’s core values.
10: TEAMWORK -> Effective student leaders understand that only Together Everyone Achieves More.
11: Attributes of Leadership -> Effective Student Leaders portray the following attributes:

12: Commitment to Excellence -> Effective Student Leaders are individuals who have a clear commitment to excellence.
13: INTEGRITY -> Effective Student Leaders conduct their lives with integrity. The dictionary defines integrity as “the soundness of moral character, adherence to ethical principles, and being unimpaired.”
14: WORK ETHIC -> Effective Student Leaders are the epitome of hard workers. Hard work is the basic building block of every kind of achievement.